Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet our Antique Experts!

We'd like to introduce you to Elizabeth and Susan who have been our estate jewelry aficiandos for over 20 years! We love and admire their personal style and are always in awe of their knowledge of the history the antiques. From the time periods to the techniques, they can tell you all about the romantic histories of each piece and you can let your imagination fill in the rest!
Both ladies grew up interested in jewelry after exploring their mothers' jewelry boxes as children. Susan apprenticed with a jeweler at age 13 and went on to train as a watchmaker- one of only two women in her class. Elizabeth studied Business at Berkeley but left the field to pursue her love of jewelry. They have been working together for over 30 years and continue to be an inspiration to us.
We are lucky to have them in-store tomorrow afternoon. Please stop by from 2-6pm to see the collection, meet them and learn some of the secrets in the history of jewelry.  
Elizabeth is wearing: MiH Star Embroidered Tails Shirt $325
NSF Billy Fitted Leather Jacket $790
MiH Paris Jeans in Raw $174
Susan is wearing the Rag & Bone Hart Biker Jacket $595


  1. I bought a ring from Elizabeth at the Vegas Antique Jewelry show last year and she is the nicest person ever! She knows how to style and pick the best of antique jewelry, for sure!

    1. How funny- isn't she the best? She has such a great eye, we love these ladies so much!