Friday, May 4, 2012

Antique Jewelry Trunk Show Starts Today!

We're very excited to introduce an incredible collection of Estate Jewelry for our spring Antique Jewelry Trunk Show! All of the jewelry in this post will be available for purchase in-store through the weekend, with select items available to purchase online. Please call or email us for further information and availability.

Stop by the store today, Friday, May 4th, between 11am and 5pm to meet our antique dealers and learn more about the origin of these one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope you enjoy the beauty and history of this collection as much as we do!
Hand-painted Coquette Portrait on Porcelain, 12-14k Rose Gold, c. 1865 $750
18k & Enamel Swiss Scene, c. 1850 $1970
Fancy Cut Fuchsia Paste Pin/Pendant set in 15k, English, c. 1860 $1050
Carbuncle Garnets set in 15-18k, c. 1860 $1450
"In Memory of" Pin/Pendant w/Locket Back, Gold & Black Enamel, English, c. 1820s $625
"Bacchante" Hand-painted on Porcelain w/Gold Bezel & Gilt Back, German, c. 1855 $750
Foil-backed Pink Tourmaline w/Rhodalite Garnets set in Vermeil, Austro-Hungarian, c. 1880s $1270
Portrait of a Young Lady on Ivory, 14k, English c. 1820 $1170
Peach-colored Zircon w/Euro-cut Diamond Trim, American, c. 1895
Imperial Topaz w/Silver-set Rose Cut Diamond Trim, English, c. 1820s $2970
Victorian Coral Bangle, English, c. 1870s $1600

Victorian 15k Locket with Turquoise and Pearls, English c. 1870s $985
Victorian/Etruscan Turquoise Pin/Pendant w/Diamond Star and Gold Fringe, English, c. 1860 $1180
Double Strand Coral Bead Necklace, Italy, c. 1850 $1770
1940's Green Turquoise Beads, Mid-European $594
Turquoise and Natural Pearl "Festoon"-style Necklace, English, c. 1895 $3170
Turquoise Pavé Dome Earrings w/Tiny Diamond Stars, English, c. 1860s $1170

 Silver Victorian Repoussé Floral Bangle Bracelet, Portugal, c. 1920s $825
Silver & Enamel Geometric Bangle, Portugal, c. 1940 $950
Cushion-cut Belcher-set Diamond Pinky Ring, c. 1890 $1980
Euro-cut Diamond Floral Spray Ring, American, c. 1920 $2970
Turquoise Oval Cabochon w/Euro-cut Diamond Trim, English, c. 1890s $2075
Half-hoop Ring w/Five Belcher-set Rose Cut Diamonds, English, c. 1900 $875
Victorian Gold and Turquoise Ring, English, c. 1890 $700
14k Turquoise Pavé Dome Ring, Mid-European, 1875 $1155
14k Gold Black Enamel & Diamond Link Chain, American, c. 1880 $2550
Citrine & White Enamel Necklace set in 14k, Mid-European, c. 1920s $1170
Fancy Cut Onyx Earrings w/Small Diamonds, c. 1870s $930
14k Gold Lorgnette, American, c. 1910 $970
Locket chain, 12-14k multi-link, American, c. 1890 $1250
18k Mesh Chain w/Repoussé work, Garnet Cabochons & Locket back, c. 1840 $3370
Moss Agate Teardrop Earrings set in 14k, c. 1875 $1170
  Turquoise & Natural Pearl Bracelet w/Repoussé Links, English, c. 1820 $1570
Slide Bracelet w/Inlaid Black Enamel, Diamonds, & Gold Beads, American, c. 1880s $4900
Slide bracelet w/Opals, Seed Pearls & Gold Beads, American. c. 1885 $1900
  Victorian 14k Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, American, c.1900 $598
Marquis-shaped Diamond Eternity Band, American, c. 1920 $1250
Antique Victorian 18k & Diamond Half Hoop Band Ring $2068
Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring, American, c. 1925 $1930
Blue Zircon & Rose-Cut Diamond Navette-shaped Ring, American. c. 1890s $2300
Ivory Portrait of a Redhead, "bloomed", American, c. 1895 $1750
Vermeil Turquoise Snake Pin, Mid-European, c. 1880 $1170
Tortoise Piqué Locket, English c. 1860 $795
Cameo Carving of a Woman w/Flowers in her Hair, Bull's mouth shell and vermeil c. 1900 $460
Scored Link Chain, opens to 2 bracelets, 15k gold, Italian, c. 1860 $2900
Cameo, Italian Writer's Face carved in Lava, Italy, c. 1860 $390
Cameo Carving with "Lyre" motif, Bull's mouth shell Italy, c. 1860 $930
Rare "Roma" Tortoise Piqué Pin, Italy, c. 1875 $770
1920's Vermeil and Turquoise Filagree Necklace $975
  15k Banded Agate Cabochon Bangle $1970
Natural Pearl Bangle w/Finely Detailed Granulation, Italian, c. 1860s $2370
15k-18k Hand Etched Bangle w/ 3 Garnet Cabochons $2480

Georgian Ruby and Zircon Half-hoop Ring, English, c. 1850 $738
Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, English, c. 1885 $1100
Foiled-back Garnet w/Triple-Split Shank, English c. 1780 $670

Victorian Diamond and Turquoise Heart Pendant $2560
Pavé Turquoise Heart Shaped Pendant $675
Blue pearls w/18k White Gold Clasp, 26", American, c. 1940s $1100
Diamond Crescent "Honeymoon" Pin set in 14k gold, English, c. 1895 $5700
Edwardian Diamond Necklace set in Platinum on White Gold Chain, Mid-European, c. 1910 $6500
1920's Italian Moonstone Pendant $1190
Victorian Diamond and Sapphire Pendant, Mid-European c. 1880s $4000
"Pelican in her Piety" Pin/Pendant, Silver, Enamel & Natural Pearl, Austro-Hungarian, c. 1865 $1770
Cut Steel Ornate Drop Earrings $1170

Euro-cut Diamond Floral Spray Ring, American, c. 1920 $2970
Moss Agate w/Foil-backed Rhodalite Garnet & Natural Pearl Trim, English, c. 1825 $870
Silver & Enamel Geometric Bangle $950

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  1. I wish I lived in SF... All of this jewelry is so beautiful.