Saturday, September 10, 2011

NY Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

Good morning everyone! We are in New York this week for Fashion Week, checking out all the Spring/Summer 2012 collections! Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for live updates on our favorite shows, meals, and outfits from our New York adventures- it's been crazy so far!

Our first stop was the Rag & Bone show in a huge warehouse on the West side near the piers. We ran into Justine and Nancy, part of the R&B sales team, who are huge fans of the Metier blog! They were super sweet and looking cute in their R&B outfits, despite the extreme heat.
This show was the biggest production that the Rag & Bone guys have put on to date- a long ceiling of lightbulbs rose up from the floor while bass-heavy beats by Radiohead's Thom Yorke and colored spotlights followed the models along three runways!

As for the collection itself, we were so thrilled to see bright colors and the California-esque style inspired by Burning Man, surfers, and ravers. The look was very sporty, with lots of safety orange contrast piping, ponchos, mirrored sunglasses and nods to bicycle accessories like reflector straps and panniers bags! There were lots of slouchy, comfy knits, flowing pants and dresses, but with the expert tailoring that Rag & Bone is known for. We can't wait to get our hands on those bright blazers!

It's always fun to see street style aficionados Scott from the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Yvan from Facehunter, Phil from Streetpeeper, and other photogs trying to grab some shots of the cool were some of our favorite sightings:

Look! The Current Elliott Leopard Stilettos!!!

Some awesome studded leopard sneakers...

Rag & Bone Wessex boot!


  1. I love the boots (Isabel Marant?) and PS1 mini bag the R&B ladies are sporting! And the last photo is sooo beautiful.