Monday, March 7, 2011

This Just In: Antique Jewelry

Starburst diamond locket, American c. 1890's- $2100
Chain w/link detail 18k, French, c. 1895- $3500

Tassel earring with natural sapphire, American c. 1880's- $1200
Tassel earring graduated length American c. 1880's- $1200

Citrine w/gold and silver c. 1920's Italian- $1560

Diamond cluster, large rose cut diamond center w/surrounding diamonds American c. 1895-1900-$2700

Rose gold watch chain with elongated links and heavy swivel hook, 9k, c. 1900's- $1300
Pearl pave heart pin/pendant 15k, English- $850
Geometric brass pin 1960's- $195

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