Friday, September 17, 2010

Tales of the City!

Just got back from NYC – what a crazy, quick trip to see the first of the beautiful, new Spring things-to-be. Yes, Spring when we’ve barely wrapped our heads around Fall but details to come soon about all of that. What I really wanted to share is photos from Fashion’s Night Out with the Crangi family of our much-adored Philip Crangi and Giles & Brother jewelry lines.

The Crangi Family Project is a tiny jewel box of a store in the meatpacking district right next to Pastis, one of our favorite people-watching bistros (Trina and I always order the La Vie en Rose champagne cocktail and fries.) There’s a line out the door for the oysters the Crangi family is shucking atop burlap covered, rope-tied barrels. A dash of tobasco and a shot of vodka and one is fortified for purchasing fuchsia rhinestone bangles and baroque, gold studded teardrop earrings (also found at Metier!)

And just in case you were wondering, I was wearing, as I almost always am, my favorite horseshoe and heart locket Philip Crangi charms on a chain as well as my new red Isabel Marant corduroys, Martha Davis lace back boots, a Zero tank and Vanessa Bruno fringe bag. Fashion’s Night Out indeed!!


P.S. Fall has arrived at Metier so if you haven’t been in in awhile, come check it out – it looks gorgeous and so SF.

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