Friday, February 19, 2010

The Scene at Zero + Maria Cornejo

The Zero show is always a pleasure- so relaxing compared to the large-scale productions of other shows. This time around her presentation was at the Hosfelt Gallery, which also has a space here in San Francisco! Skylights, peeling columns, white walls and minimal music complimented the polished, looks that she is known for. The people watching is great, a wide range of ages with sophisticated, artsy personal style. Her are some of our favorites and a quick video!

What a cute family! You can't see it but the girl in the faux fur vest had a heart shaped "No Fur" button and her sister was recording her thoughts on a tape recorder throughout the show.

Waris Ahluwali in great rose suede boots! We're huge Darjeeling Limited fans :)

Zero girls

Sheri & Trina before the show

Gift bag goodies


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