Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Scene at 3.1 by Phillip Lim

Wow, Phillip Lim always puts on a great show! The big productions in the tents in Bryant Park are always a sight to be scene- crowds and photographers for miles! This season Lim went disco-punk, with looks all glammed out with flowing feathered hair, piles of sequins, giant shearling coats and trails of chiffon.

This season was the last to be held at the tents and a few Patrick McMullan photos from the 90s (including a great one of young Kate and Naomi) lined the hall. So long, Bryant Park!

Our favorite outfit!!!

Another favorite, with the Sartorialist in the background :)


  1. I MUST know what shoes Rebecca is wearing in the shot with Trina and the "Fur guy." Those are amazing!

  2. Pam, they're these crazy studded Chloe boots she scored at DSW. Not sure how those slipped through the discount cracks...:)