Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Annual Metier Holiday Dinner!

Time has come again for one of our favorite Metier traditions- our holiday dinner! We celebrated last week at our perennial favorite, Bar Jules in Hayes Valley, with a pile of presents, tasty homemade treats, and lots of laughs.

Jessica Boncutter and her awesome staff always serve up some tasty dishes while we exchange gifts and schmooze. We toasted with elderflower Proseccos to another successful year- our 20th birthday, launch of the website, and the new members of the team: Iju, Holly, Lindsay, and Monica T! And of course, no dinner is complete without our favorite desserts- chocolate nemesis cake and a lemon lavender tart!

Happy Holidays, everyone and cheers to 2012!

The pretty present pile!

Monica T., Monica O., Trina & Sheri are turtle-tuck-tilting in this one.

Lindsay, Holly & Rebecca did not employ the TTT technique here.

Trina's homemade spiced nuts!

Holly's cat wrap!

Monica O's embroidered tote & wrapped twigs!

Monica T's peace wrap!

Alexander Wang & Jerome Drefuss made these ladies very happy!

The gang!

Images via our Instagrams!

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