Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Isabel Marant & Jerome Dreyfuss' weekend home in NYTimes Magazine

A recent article in the New York Times T Magazine had us all swooning over Isabel Marant's simple, rustic cottage in the French countryside! Escaping the stress of the week in the fashion world, she and her husband/handbag designer, Jerome Dreyfuss and their son Tal head for their cabin every weekend. Without water and electricity, the family spends their days playing in the river, the treehouse, entertaining friends and their kids, and generally resetting for Monday back in Paris.

"Lunches are always long, laid-back affairs that melt into convivial evenings lit by candles and kerosene lanterns and fueled by lots of good French wine. After the kids retire to their tents, the adults take out the tarot cards and sip brandy."

If that doesn't sound like an enviable weekly getaway, we don't know what is! Check out the rest of the article & photos here.

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