Friday, January 14, 2011

Sale Picks at 50% off!

Monica's pick: Tucker red willow dress ($182) and Golden Goose Malibu cowboy boots ($642)

Every season we hunt through the sale racks to find our favorites and put together some fashionable and budget-friendly outfits. Here are our picks, all at 50% off the original price!

Melissa's pick: Isabel Marant Lincey top ($308), Rag & Bone Montpellier shorts ($110) and Combat heels ($226)

Rebecca's pick: Rag & Bone tuxedo coat ($412), Zero + Maria Cornejo printed top ($227), and Current/Elliott leather leggings ($398)

Sheri chooses the 3.1 Phillip Lim pink blouse ($275)

Tracy's pick: Allude grey cashmere cardigan ($197), Vanessa Bruno lace-collar shirt ($233) and purple floral skirt ($132),  Conroy & Wilcox silver feather barette ($68), and Golden Goose riding boots ($585)

Trina's pick: Rag & Bone parka ($418)

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