Monday, December 13, 2010

This Just In: Ten Thousand Things

Ruby waterfall necklace on blackened silver chain $506

Lots of well-priced sterling silver pieces and some gorgeous gold just arrived in time for the holidays! The delicate, amorphous shapes of Ten Thousand Things jewelry are always a delight for yourself or for a special someone.

Silver small peacock link earring $115

Silver small tusk earrings $150

Silver blackened crinkle hoops $162

Silver short cluster on blackened chain earrings $172

Silver long whisker earring $218

18k tusk earrings $506

10k crinkle hoops $955

10k rose leaf earrings $300

10k peacock earrings $1684

Silver beaded cluster necklace on blackened chain $254

Brushed silver inverted bangle $172

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