Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Just In: Antique Jewelry

Here's a peek at the latest group of Antique jewelry! Stay tuned while we prepare for our Antique Trunk Show in early December...

Cushion cut center diamond in 18k floral setting (French, c. 1865-80) $1700
Half-hoop rose cut diamonds set in 18k gold (English, c. 1885) $1200

18k gold repoussé earrings w/floral motif (French, c. 1860-80) $1600

Black enamel bangles w/seed pearls and silver stars (English, c. 1880s-90s) $365 each SOLD!
Silver bangle w/blue enamel and seed pearls (English, c. 1880s-90s) $530

Granulated 14k gold heart locket (Italian, c. 1860s-90s) $520 SOLD!

Turquoise half-hoop cabochon ring w/15k rose gold band (English, c. 1880s) $875

Cut steel earrings (English, c. 1860s-80s) $750

Faceted jet bracelet (English, c. 1860s-80s) $330 SOLD!

Strands of coral beads (Italian, c. 1860s) $490-$590 
18k gold-filled chain w/diamond and etched flower links, 23" (Paris, c. 1890) $375

Oval 15k gold locket w/rosecut diamond and 6-pointed star applique (c. 1880s) $1070

Long gunmetal chain w/amethyst links $420
Vintage Mexican silver chain (c. 1930s-40s) $250

Long geometric jet earrings (c. 1890s) $850

Mother of pearl earrings w/15k gold & silver foil (c. 1880s) $750

Imperial topaz and rose cut diamonds set in platinum w/gold band (French, c. 1895) $2300

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