Saturday, May 1, 2010

Estate Jewelry Trunk Show Today!

Niello and silver choker, Mid-European c. 1895 $895
Silver music conservatory medal, Buenos Aires $370

For those of you who can't make it in to our Estate Jewelry Trunk Show today, here are most of the pieces we have available. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to purchase any pieces. Enjoy!

Shell cameo w/classical figure, fruit and leaf border, 12-14k rose gold, Italy c. 1840s $1170
Malachite buckle motif pin, Tsarist Russia w/hallmarks c. 1875-1885 $770
Carved coral pin w/mum motif, 14k rose gold, Italy c. 1850 $1370

Carved coral leaf and rose motif pin, 14k rose gold, Italy c. 1850 $970

Long repoussé drops w/acorn motif, 12-15k gold, English c. 1830s $1650

Faceted 14k rose gold drops, English 1840 $1200

Oval copper enamel pendant with lobster motif, French 1960’s $540
Vermeil ornate link w/enamel clasp, Austrian c. 1880 $770

Large gold links w/garnet and diamond flower appliqué, English c. 1830s $1400
Wide silver gold-washed bangle w/bird $680
Gold granulated bangle w/sapphires and diamond, 9k yellow gold, hallmarked, English c. 1865 $970

Green gold bangle, 12-14k, w/seed pearls and granulation c. 1860 $850
18k rose gold bangle w/fine detailed pierced work, French c. 1880 $1975
Vermeil hand-etched bangle w/Japanoiserie designs, English c. 1870 $650
Wide hand-etched gilt bangle, Mid-European c. 1880 $550

Huge citrine pin w/swirled etched stem motif, 15k yellow gold, English c. 1845 $1570

Madeira citrine in 12k rose gold pin/pendant, Scotland c. 1870
large $770 small w/ etching $860

European cut diamond necklace set in 18k rose gold and silver, Mid-European c. 1880 $7700
Cushion cut diamond in silver and 14-18k rose gold crescent w/moonstone center, Mid-European c. 1890 $5860
European cut-diamond necklace set in platinum, backed in 18k gold $2590

Navette ring w/rose and cushion cut diamonds and natural pearl set in 14-18k yellow French c. 1900 $1570

Four european cut diamonds in 12k rose gold, Italian c. 1870s $945

Cushion cut platinum-set diamonds (~1.20 ct) club motif ring, 14-18k band, European c. 1900 $3150

14k white gold filigree w/diamonds (~2/3ct) and synthetic emeralds, c. 1925 $1730

Turquoise four-petal and diamond ring, English c. 1865 $800
Turquoise and diamonds set in 18k yellow gold, London marks, c. 1880s $695
Turquoise and seed pearl cluster, 14k rose gold, English 1885 $585

Banded agate surrounded by pearls in 15k yellow gold, English dated 1865 $890

Large citrine w/seed pearls and multi-colored enamel, 14k white gold, American c. 1920 $1130

Chrysophase intaglio set in 14k white and green gold, American 1920 $1250

Ruby and diamond buckle ring, 14k rose and while gold, American Retro $1270

Cushion cut diamond cluster in rose gold, American c. 1900 $1190
Foiled back rose cut diamonds, English c. 1790 $1100
Rose cut diamonds around cushion cut diamond, 18k gold setting, French 1885 $3350

European cut hammer set diamond, London c. 1870 $1570
Diamond surrounded by 8 tiny diamonds, 14k white and yellow gold, American c. 1935 $800

Silver-set rose cut diamonds on 18k rose gold circle pin, English c. 1875 $1170
Black enamel Greek key design w/bull's eye agate, locket back, English 1860-70 $970
Coral drop pin in 14k rose gold, Italy c. 1870 $970

Various Felter-link chains, c. 1890s $730-$3970

Silver "Florins" coin necklace, English c. 1840-1860s $890


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  2. I have to say, I can't stop thinking about that moss agate ring you had in the shop. I'm a little bit lovesick. Lucky girl, who got that ring!