Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Just In: Isabel Marant

Imeca dress SOLD OUT!

Leal denim embroidered dress SOLD OUT!

Oeste dress SOLD OUT!
Dana fringed boots (Only one pair left!)

Fuso vest (Only one left!)
Ingela blouse SOLD OUT!
Felipe pants SOLD OUT!
Dampa boots (Only one pair left!)

Peru jacket SOLD OUT!
Robin print blouse SOLD OUT!
Gesto drawstring shorts SOLD OUT!

Salva shirt SOLD OUT!

Flana embellished jacket SOLD OUT!
Esta bandage dress SOLD OUT!

Petra plaid shirt SOLD OUT!

Hoy t-shirt SOLD OUT!
Gesto shorts SOLD OUT!

Lidia denim dress SOLD OUT!

Encina black blazer SOLD OUT!
Sabada tweed dress SOLD OUT!

Guapo jacket SOLD OUT!
Herida longsleeve dress SOLD OUT!

Inico tweed blazer SOLD OUT!
Cafena white lace dress SOLD OUT!


  1. looks awesome ladies!!!!
    wish I could come in for a look at the two pieces left!
    Oh, guess I'll just get on the Eurostar to Paris and get them xoxoxo Did I hear it was a birthday??! How many years? I miss you guys x

  2. The embroidered jeans dress is lovely! I've never seen a jeans dress i like- then i see this :)

  3. 11, 2011 at 8:38 AM

    Are there any boots left?!?! :)