Friday, April 16, 2010

This Just In: Giles & Brother

Black and silver rhinestone necklace $330
Brass and brown glass necklace $176
Braided leather bracelet w/nuts and nail clasp $220
Beige leather bracelet w/"S" hook $198
Braided black leather bracelet w/"S" hook $145

Brass beads w/rhinestones $286
Braided leather w/nuts and chain $344
Long brass beads w/triple-color rhinestones $264
Large silver twist bangle $66
Large spike bangles $52
Rhinestone bangles $110

Red and black, rhinestone and brass necklace $286
Triple chain necklace $176
Leather wrap bracelet w/large hook $110

Triple strand red and black necklace $330

Zigzag necklace w/black, rhinestone, and brass rings $286
Pink and orange glass beads, rhinestones and brass necklace $198
Multi-strain chain w/rings $275


  1. this is the best looking jewelry i've seen in awhile, i might have to treat myself to a little gift. the model is super cute too!

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