Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Give Forever!

Although this list could go on...well, forever...we're going to keep it short and sweet with our favorite heirloom pieces!

Antique heart and cherub pendants $500 - $520

Antique granulated bangles $1170 - $1320

Jeanine Payer hand-engraved custom portrait lockets $726 - $1245

Cathy Waterman platinum and diamond wildflower band, Charlize band, and flower vine with marquis band sides

Cathy Waterman white topaz, diamond, and 22k gold ring

Cathy Waterman white topaz, platinum and diamond bracelet

Cathy Waterman 22k gold laurel wheat band, floating platinum leaf band, and open flower vine with pink sapphire and millgrain sides

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