Monday, November 9, 2009

Q & A with Jessica Winzelberg

We'd like to introduce you to Jessica Winzelberg, our latest jewelry line here at Metier. After a stint in the finance world, Jessica decided to change career paths and began learning goldsmithing techniques, creating colorful, organic necklaces and earrings from natural stones and gold. Jessica was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about her creative process, her inspiration, and her favorite desserts.

Why did you decide to start making jewelry?

I started making jewelry because I loved the aspect of making something beautiful from my hands, and also because I was perpetually searching for pieces that were in my mind, but that didn't actually exist. I also just love jewelry! It is so wonderful as it often marks a special occasion and I love how I can look back at pieces and instantly remember when I received or bought them. I also find jewelry to be really special because the metal and stones have both wonderful healing properties and the ability to last for generations.

How and where did you learn goldsmithing techniques?

I enrolled in intensive classes at the Revere Academy, in downtown San Francisco, and have been honing my skills since. The school is a great creative resource for everyone in San Francisco.

What is your favorite piece to make?

I love to design the all gold pieces, as they are really detailed and ornate, but their overall effect is really simple. I also love to make the cabochon pieces with the gems on top because I love to find the perfect combination of colors that makes each piece pop.

Where do you find inspiration?

I really find inspiration everywhere but especially in anything exotic and organic! I've been hooked on traveling since a young age and I find the architecture, landscapes and textiles across the world, especially from central Asia and all over Africa to be incredibly inspiring. I also find the textures, shapes and vivid colors that are found in nature to be amazing. I love to combine these two elements when I'm working to create an effect that is really unique.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

A long weekend away in Palm Springs, and a trip to Dubai before that, but both were too long ago!

Cupcakes, cookies, or doughnuts???

Tough one! My absolutely favorite are the raw vegan chocolate chip cookies from Pure Food and Wine in NYC, but I'll happily settle for the desserts at Cafe Gratitude here in SF, especially their raw vegan tiramisu.

Metier is proud to be the only store where Jessica's jewelry is currently available!

Don't forget to visit her blog, which has some great behind-the-scenes photos of her studio and how the jewelry is made.

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